Ellis Davies

From liquid to ceramic

Ellis Davies reports on a liquid ceramic precursor that could be used in a range of applications as a liquid polymer and a ceramic.

Are there bricks on Mars?

A manned mission to Mars may not need to transport building materials from earth, as Ellis Davies reports.

Out with the old, in with CO2

Andreas Praller, Senior Expert at Linde, Germany, talks to Ellis Davies about the company’s gas injection moulding technology, PLASTINUM GIM C.

From hot, to cold, to electricity

A new thermoelectric material could allow you to check your heart rate and charge your phone from the stove, as Ellis Davies reports.

More power, more materials

Advances in computational power can aid the discovery of new materials through sophisticated computer modelling, as Ellis Davies reports.

Spotlight: Mining

Shaun Graham, Mining and Geoscience Applications Developer at Carl Zeiss Microscopy, talks to Ellis Davies about the mining applications of the Versa X-ray microscope.

A unique energy system

Ellis Davies investigates New Zealand’s incomparable energy system.

Improving uranium extraction

A new development could aid the extraction of uranium from one of the Earth’s most abundant resources – seawater. Ellis Davies reports.

Spotlight – Another test

Chris Berry, Manager of Medical Device Physical Testing at Smithers Pira, UK, talks to Ellis Davies about the company’s new medical device testing facility.

Saving steel

Ellis Davies reports on the APPG’s recommendations for the future of UK steel.


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