Ellis Davies

Fighting cancer with heat

Ellis Davies reports on a nanomaterial technology that could help treat cancer more effectively.

Changing memory

Ellis Davies investigates the potential future of digital memory.

Lasers used to modify wood

Ellis Davies reports on a boost in funding to improve wood modification with lasers.

Protecting pilots

Following a recent increase in laser pen attacks, Ellis Davies looks at the materials and methods protecting aircraft pilots and passengers.

Exploring injection moulding

Sara Cammarano, Senior Industrial Issues Executive at the British Plastics Federation, gives an overview of injection moulding.

No more scratches

A double discovery could lead to scratchproof cars and a cheaper alternative to diamonds used in electronics, as Ellis Davies reports.

Softer, stronger robots

Ellis Davies reports on an actuator material that could act as a muscle in soft robots.

Constellation of bricks

Ellis Davies reports on a unique 3D-printed structure.

Spotlight: Non-destructive testing

Dr Ian R Holton, Acutance Scientific Ltd & BLG Vantage Ltd, UK, explores strain mapping on the 100-nanometre scale using HR EBSD.

ShAPEing automotive

A new extrusion process could make magnesium a more viable material for the automotive industry, as Ellis Davies reports.


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