Ellis Davies

Changing the rules

Following accusations of cheating aimed at Team GB at the 2018 Winter Olympics, Ellis Davies examines the rulebook and the impact of materials on sport.

The value of science

Ellis Davies looks into science and research in Italy, and why it has taken a political backseat.

The road to recovery

In recent months, events concerning UK steel have warranted re-examination of, what the government is calling, a vital industry. Ellis Davies investigates what they could mean for the future.

Wood competes with metals

A new process turns any wood into a material competitive with titanium, researchers claim. Ellis Davies investigates.

Sustainable glue and resins

Lignin could be used in many applications in which fossil-based material are currently used. Ellis Davies reports.

Spotlight: Testing and inspection

Cement is created by a complex process involving multiple ingredients, testing is therefore essential to ensure compliance with specification and application requirements. Alfonso Rivera, Technical Department and Field Service Manager for materials testing ELE International, UK, reports.

Great efficiency with folding wings

Ellis Davies reports on a temperature triggered shape memory alloy that could make aircraft more efficient.

New printing technique for strong materials

Rotational additive manufacturing using polymer fibres could make prosthetics stronger. Ellis Davies reports.

A new story for Sub-Saharan glass

The narrative of glass working in Sub-Saharan Africa has changed because of a recent excavation. Ellis Davies reports.

A nano risk

A report looks into the potential dangers of nanotechnology in the construction industry. Ellis Davies investigates.


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