Ellis Davies

Constellation of bricks

Ellis Davies reports on a unique 3D-printed structure.

Spotlight: Non-destructive testing

Dr Ian R Holton, Acutance Scientific Ltd & BLG Vantage Ltd, UK, explores strain mapping on the 100-nanometre scale using HR EBSD.

ShAPEing automotive

A new extrusion process could make magnesium a more viable material for the automotive industry, as Ellis Davies reports.

Game changer

Ellis Davies reports on a method for designing advance materials using an algorithm created to beat computer games.

Materials testing and NDT conference 2017-09-21

Ellis Davies reports on the British Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) Materials Testing exhibition and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Conference 2017.

Spotlight – Testing and inspection

Dr Joy Sumner, Lecturer in Energy Materials at Cranfield University, UK, explains hot corrosion testing.

A new concept for artificial hearts

Ellis Davies reports on a soft artificial heart that functions similarly to the real thing, and could provide an alternative to heart transplants.

Picking up the pace

Ellis Davies reports on a new method to produce single-crystal graphene in larger quantities.

A deal for future ceramics

Ellis Davies reports on the recent ceramics proposal to government.

20 years of the brick train

The Darlington Brick Train is celebrating its 20th year


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