Parys Mountain Mine, Anglesey - Field Visit

17 Jun 2017

The Parys and Mona mines have been mined since 1768, and during the 19th century shafts and stopes reached a depth of 900ft.

The visit will be lead by the Parys Underground Group, and will include:

  • A review of the mine and its history
  • Descent to 180ft during a 3 hour trip underground
  • Incorporates the most interesting areas of the mine which is  preserved as it was 100 years ago

The visit will be limited to 10 people and is on a first come first served basis.

The cost of the trip is £17 per person including temporary membership of the Parys Underground Group and insurance.

An approved member of Parys Underground Group will lead all underground tours. Visitors must follows the leader’s guidance while underground.
Only visitors with valid public indemnity insurance may enter the mine. Those without insurance may gain it through temporary membership of PUG.

Personal insurance is not covered by the group and is a matter for individuals to arrange.

The underground mine has areas of obvious hazard, steep drops, deep and acidic pools but with due care the usual visitor route is safe. The underground trip involves some ladder work, short crawls ,areas of restricted height and some steep areas. Most of the mine is as it was left 100 years ago. It is not a sanitised show cave. Visitors must be physically fit and at least 17 years of age.

It is recommended you wear overalls or old clothes, and wellington boots.  Wellingtons rather than boots are recommended as some areas are above ankle deep in water. Protective head gear, belts and lamps will be provided by PUG.

Photographic, but not video equipment may be taken underground but precautions must be taken against the ingress of dirt and acidic moisture.

The mine is an area of active scientific archaeological and historical research, please do not damage or collect specimens. Many of the formations are particularly delicate.
You should inform your group leader of any special medical conditions that apply to any in your group. It is advisable to carry relevant medication with you if required. 

To apply for the visit, please contact Julian Aldridge (Chair, AES Division) at:


07739 655427

Venue and booking

Event Location

Event Location: 
Parys Mountain Mine
Isle of Anglesey
LL68 9RE
United Kingdom
Contact details:

Mob: 07739 655427

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